Terms & Conditions

Returns Policy

As plants are a living organisms, often with delicate and particular care needed for each individual plant, and as we have no control over how the plant is transported or cared for, the quality of soil it is re-homed in, or the method in which it is planted once it has left the nursery gates, we cannot and do not offer refunds or accept returns for plants. We are confident here that our stock is the best quality around and we go above and beyond to bring you the best service and advice we possibly can. We would rather be your gardening partners helping you along the way caring for a thriving wonderful healthy garden that will out last any returns policy, rather than accept returns of dead sticks with some ridiculous sales tactic, 12 month return guarantee that quite frankly is an insult to human intelligence.
We hope that our small business service is enough to show why none of us really want to end up in a future dominated by only big giant corporations.

Gift, Home & Gardenware
We happily offer a return for damaged gifts & homeware of a manufacture flaw only within a 30 day period.

If you are having issues with your plants, we happily and freely give advice to help where we can, however we make no guarantees as to the outcome of any advice given, horticulture is at times a trial and error journey. We appreciate your understanding so that we can continue to provide this service.

Thank you for your support and understanding
The Plant Trade Nursery Team